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18+. Definitely NSFW. I'm a young woman who loves interracial porn/erotica/romance. Particularly black women & white men--so-called "reverse interracial." (If you wanna know why I call it that, check my FAQs) This blog is full of things that turn me on & get me off. I may write about my fantasies or adventures from time to time, if the mood strikes. I only own the images of myself. Plenty of reblogs. Feel free to submit photos, videos, and/or links--either of you & a friend or fun stuff you've found online. =) I'm seriously trying to get my own porn production company off the ground. To help fund my dream, I'm affiliated with T-Shirt Hell. Every cent that I earn from a shirt is going into savings for production.
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The slow motion is the perfect touch.

The slow motion is the perfect touch.

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