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I Heart Interracial

18+. Definitely NSFW. I'm a young woman who loves interracial porn/erotica/romance. Particularly black women & white men--so-called "reverse interracial." (If you wanna know why I call it that, check my FAQs--http://iheartinterracial.tumblr.com/FAQ. This blog is full of things that turn me on & get me off. I may write about my fantasies or adventures from time to time, if the mood strikes. I only own the images of myself. Plenty of reblogs. Feel free to submit photos, videos, and/or links--either of you & a friend or fun stuff you've found online. =) I'm seriously trying to get my own porn production company off the ground. To help fund my dream, I'm affiliated with T-Shirt Hell. Every cent that I earn from a shirt is going into savings for production.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
You criticized the guy who asked for advice on how to "hook up" with black women but isn't that basically what you're doing with guys you meet on AFF?
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

Not quite. With guys I meet on AFF, it’s to start a FWB/fuck buddy situation with someone I share a mutual attraction with. When they give me those “experimental vibes" —they’ve got no chance with me. I’m not there to quench their chocolate thirst. 

If they find me attractive as an individual woman, that’s a good start. 

If you don’t understand what I mean about experimental, take a look at this very REAL message I received. Guys show their ass quite often. I’m pretty good about weeding out creeps.

Experimental Creep 

Omg at the name of that website.

She’s got her hands full. Among other things.

"Excuse me, I’m grilling over here."

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I saw a post of a white guy asking You how to "hook up" with a black woman... as a white man married to a black woman, it has to be more than a hook up and you have to be real...(as a White Man) if she doesn't feel you, if you are not real don't bother. My wife and her friends don't play with hook up shit. She needs to be treated like the Nubian Princess she is. It may be different when the lights go down, but if you want to get there.. you have to want it and love her. And she will know!
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Not so much a question. More so a virtual high five. I found this blog when someone on aff asked me if I was you. i guess they thought we had a bit in common. I'm loving what I'm seeing. Hope you get the production company off the ground because I'd love to see more "reverse interracial". Regards, nympho black chick.
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

Thank you, nympho! I’m glad you’re into it. *high five*

That’s funny. I wonder if we look alike. I also wonder how many random chicks on AFF are getting “accused” of being me. =)

For anyone who wants to support my porn production endeavors, you can purchase items from my toy site or buy t-shirts. Or message me about how to make a donation.

What is the best advice for a white guy who wants to hook up with a black women?
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

I have a previous post: "Rules" for White Guys Interested in Black Women. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I’m not a fan of dudes who are “experimenting.” I notice you said “hook up” as opposed to meet/talk to/date. 

This makes me wanna do The Color Run in the nude.

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