I Heart Interracial

I Heart Interracial

18+. Definitely NSFW. I'm a young woman who loves interracial porn/erotica/romance. Particularly black women & white men--so-called "reverse interracial." (If you wanna know why I call it that, check my FAQs--http://iheartinterracial.tumblr.com/FAQ. This blog is full of things that turn me on & get me off. I may write about my fantasies or adventures from time to time, if the mood strikes. I only own the images of myself. Plenty of reblogs. Feel free to submit photos, videos, and/or links--either of you & a friend or fun stuff you've found online. =) I'm seriously trying to get my own porn production company off the ground. To help fund my dream, I'm affiliated with T-Shirt Hell. Every cent that I earn from a shirt is going into savings for production.
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I would like to apologize for the weirdness of certain men. It is a shame that people get so creepy on the internet. But it is refreshing that you don't let weirdos creep you out to the point of shutting you up. You do what you do, and enjoy it, or otherwise you wouldn't do it. That is indeed admirable.
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

I appreciate that. I’ll do this for as long as it keeps me entertained. I’ve been pretty busy and the blog has pretty much been running itself for the past few weeks (via the queue). Creeps are honestly a dime a dozen. I either block them or let them know what’s up. Gotta keep on movin’! 

Thank u for your work on this blog!! Love it!
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

You’re welcome! And thank you! =)

Asker kevinballa Asks:
I have been looking for a blog like this for so long
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

Woohoo! Welcome. =D

Asker lawdog18 Asks:
would you like feeling a white cock plant the gift his seed deep into your womb on a day you know where ovulating would you want you daughter(s) to please white cock
iheartinterracial iheartinterracial Said:

No. That’s one of the fucking creepiest things I’ve ever been asked.

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This is one of the most exciting ways to have sex. In front of a huge window in a Midtown highrise.

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Skin Diamond oiled up for double penetration

That sideeye is hilarious. “Yeah, you can suck that dick if you want to…Whatever.”